Magnum Synthetic Urine

Magnum Synthetic Urine
The Magnum Synthetic Urine sold at Urine King is not only one of the finest synthetic urine items sold at Urine King; it has been rated one of the best in the United States. The Magnum Synthetic Urine is one of Urine King's many quality synthetic urine kits, which are not made with real urine yet have the chemical properties and pH balances of real pee. Urine King guarantees that their synthetic urine, especially the Magnum Synthetic Urine set, is made with only the finest materials and ingredients so that the finished results are nothing less than chemically equal to real urine. So what does this mean? It means, of course, that Urine King's synthetic urine is so close to real urine in every aspect, that even laboratories and specialists can not tell the difference.

There is a large selection of synthetic urine items sold at Urine King, including their Monkey Whizz, Upass, fetish pouches, and Xstream synthetic urine products. It has been proven that no synthetic urine item sold at any other company in the United States can compare to that sold at Urine King. When you shop at Urine King, you are guaranteed the best quality, low prices, and focus on customer service. The synthetic urine items sold at Urine King are made with a mix of minerals and vitamins, and even uric acid so that there is no noticeable difference between Urine King's synthetic urine and real urine.

One of the most common uses for synthetic urine is passing drug tests. This can include tests for work, court, and other situations that you would be required to provide a clean urine sample for. If for any reason you are unable to provide your own clean urine sample, this is where Urine King's synthetic urine samples come in. Synthetic urine makes it easy to pass urine tests without giving up certain habits, such as smoking, but this method of using false urine is only effective if you have a high-quality sample of synthetic urine. Urine King's synthetic urine samples and kits are almost identical to real urine in every way, including temperature similarities when the heating pads and hand warmers are used correctly. This makes for a foolproof sample of synthetic urine, and the best part is that Urine King's synthetic urine is made to be unisex, so it can be used by both men and women of any age.

Urine King also sells a variety of urination devices for when situations arise that you do not have the option or enough privacy to simply pour synthetic urine into a test cup. This is why Urine King also sells a variety of false urination devices, which can make it look as if you are urinating, even though it is not actually real urine.

For more details about Urine King's Magnum Synthetic Urine, as well as their other synthetic urine items, detox kits, and urination devices, you can call Urine King's office number at (850)-542-1978 or view their official website online at to ask about guarantees and prices.
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