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UPass Synthetic Urine: A Good but Not Perfect Synthetic Urine

There are quite a few synthetic urines out there, but they vary quite dramatically in quality, and even some of the good ones can be rather inconsistent. That’s not very helpful if you need a trusted synthetic urine that will ensure you pass every Urine test that you take. However, there’s an up-and-coming product humorously known as UPass Synthetic Urine which is causing quite a stir on the internet. There’s a lot of misinformation out there as much of the evidence is anecdotal, so let’s dial in on the facts and establish whether UPass Synthetic Urine is going to get things done for you.

Why Buy UPass Synthetic Urine?

While not being the most widely-used synthetic urine out there by any stretch, those who have trialled it have found it to be a very capable alternative to the other brands that can deliver in pressure situations. You get a fair amount of urine included with your purchase so it should be good for a few tests.

Another real perk about UPass Synthetic Urine is it has a much lower price tag than its rivals. Some of the synthetic urines and prosthetics out there are rather expensive and not everybody can afford to make a big spend, so this really does cater to everyone.

What’s Good about UPass Synthetic Urine?

The key with synthetic urine is ensuring that it has as many of the properties that you get in real urine so that it can trick the Urine testers. The color and smell of UPass’ synthetic urine is just like you’d expect from actual urine so that’s a good start, while the pH levels are also well within the 4.6 to 8 range that they need to be. Another thing that testers look for is creatine levels – failure to have at least 15mg per kilo of your body weight will flag up that the urine has either been watered down or is fake. People who have used UPass find that it performs well in all of these areas which stands you in good stead for tests.

One of the most recent testing developments was the search for uric acid, and many of the synthetic urines out there haven’t caught up yet. That’s not the case with the UPass synthetic urine which contains the uric acid needed to help you breeze through a test.

Warming up this synthetic urine is pretty simple. A few seconds in the microwave will see it reach the 100F area that’s equivalent to real urine, and it will remain at that level for a good few hours. The device also tells you what temperature the synthetic urine is at, so you’ll know whether you need to try heating it up or cooling it down before you submit it for a test.

Does it Have Any Flaws?

It’s true that there’s a lot to like about UPass’ product although there is a common theme with people who have reviewed it online – many find it to deliver inconsistent results. If it works it does so beautifully but if it doesn’t then it’s going to cause you a few problems. There could be a bit of trial and error involved here, and you may want to conduct your own pH test if you’re seeking a little extra assurance.

What Equipment is Required to Make the Most of It?

If you’re lucky you’ll be allowed to urinate in private when taking a Urine test – in that scenario you can just empty the synthetic urine into a cup. However, on other occasions you may be forced to do so with other people in the room, in which case you will need to make things look as realistic as you can. This is where prosthetic penises, or their female alternative, can really save your day. You can strap on a product like the Whizzinator, which will enable you to fake urination as it looks like you’re just doing so normally.

Where the UPass comes in is you can fill up a product like the Whizzinator with UPass synthetic urine, so not only do you have a mechanism to urinate from when under scrutiny, but you can attach the synthetic urine comfortably to your body as well as use heating pads to warm it up to body temperature.

If you take all of these precautionary measures then there is no reason why you shouldn’t pass every test that you ever take with UPass Synthetic Urine.

Anything Else that’s Important to Know?

Synthetic urine is mainly used by people who need to dodge a Urine test, but there are other uses for it too that companies like to point out. For example, UPass Synthetic Urine is more hygienic than normal urine, so those who revel in fetish play may prefer to use that over real urine. It’s also a healthier animal repellent than a lot of the ones you see in stores, which could be handy if you have pets that you just want to give a friendly warning, instead of harming them.


UPass Synthetic Urine has to go down as one of the better synthetic urines you can buy. As we have touched on, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to creatine, pH and uric acid, the important conditions that must be met to avoid getting caught in a Urine test.

On its own, this product will be helpful if you’re test is relaxed and you’re given space when it comes to filling up your cup, but if you aren’t granted that nicety then you should consider buying a prosthetic like the Whizzinator and combine that with the UPass Synthetic Urine for some additional comfort.

A few people have commented that UPass Synthetic Urine has failed for them, but the majority of the reports we have seen reflect the synthetic urine in a positive light. An affordable choice, this should be one of your top picks – make sure you give it a try.


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